RAPIDE Workout Program

Alex here,

I have been coaching hundreds of people in Manhattan, but my ultimate goal is to help tens of thousands of people with a serious yet simple to understand training program.


Too often I see people at the gym not knowing what they are doing, and having terribly dangerous form on some exercises. I like to go give them advice to prevent them from getting hurt, and show them that they should probably improve their cardio or flexibility instead of only focusing on lifting weights.

Join my program, and you will receive workouts to do at home, outside, or in the gym!

You will get guidance on what exercise to do and how to perform it correctly. I'll explain how many sets, how many reps, how fast or slow you have to execute them, and offer some challenges to help you push your limits!

Take my quiz (7 questions) to tell me more about yourself, your fitness level, your goals, and you will get enrolled for your personalized workout plan!

*workout program based on science and on my own experience training at an international level, and coaching hundreds of people in Europe & USA


Like hundreds of people around the world, join the RAPIDE movement!