After 30 years old, your metabolism start slowing down and it will become harder to lose weight and build lean and natural muscles.

I know exactly what you need to do in your workout program and what you need to get in your fridge to boost your metabolism!


1 - Breakfast

2 - Lunch & Dinner

3 - Snacks

4 - Drinks

5 - Before the workout

6 - Natural Supplements

7 - Stay away from...

8 - Special diets to experiment


1 - Breakfast


-Banana, lemon, apple

-Yogurt (Greek yogurts, probiotics)

-Almond milk (better than cow milk because theres no antibiotics)

-Natural Peanut or Almond Butter



-Protein shake with greens


-Dry fruits and nuts (to help focus - good for the brain)

-SUPER COFFEE (Suniva) Caffeine & Protein drink

2 - Lunch & dinner


-Sweet potatoes


-Chicken (white meat is better than red meat for your health)

-Brown rice


-Fish (tuna/salmon)


-Noodles (to have energy to train)

-Eggs (white eggs more specifically)

-Cranberry juice (to help kidney and bladder)


-Salad lettuce, olive oil

-Lemon, banana, apple

-Beans and lentils

-Cook your meat in olive oil, butter, or coconut oil

-Steamed vegetables to preserve their nutrients

Try not to eat meat at night because it takes a long time to digest and might prevent you from falling asleep. For example, it takes up to 5h to digest pork.

3 - Snacks

-Dry fruits and nuts

-Protein bar



4 - Drink

-Water Water Water!!! It is the number 1 and best liquid to put in your body.

-Coffee with limited sugar.

-Green tea (contains antioxidant)

-Alcohol limit at 2-3 drinks a week, not more! Alcohol is often the reason why some of my clients don’t lean out as fast as they should. Beer is the worst because it contains estrogens. 

5 - Before the workout

-Half a banana

-Pre workout

-Cereal bar

Nothing that would make your stomach full because you don’t want to enter digestion during your workout or you won’t be able to achieve anything

6 - Supplements

Look for the USDA logo 

-Electrolytes powder or capsules (to have energy during the workout)

-Gatorade & Powerade, perfect to recover the energy during your workout. Don’t have too much of it because of the sugar.

-Whey protein

-Fish oil for your joints


-Vitamin C & D

-Omega 3


7 - Stay away from:



-Diet sodas



-Processed food

-Food that doesn't perish

-Sauce in your meal




-Fried food

-Ice cream

-Unhealthy snacks


8 - Special Diets you can experiment:

Diets to try for at least 1 week to identify which one is made for your body type, metabolism, and goals.


-Intermittent fasting, 1 or 2 times a week, don’t eat from 10pm to 5-6pm the next day. Only drink water and coffee.

-Ketogenic diet

-No carbs diet (no bread, noodles, rice, potatoes)

-High protein and high quantity (For skinny guys 120-140 lbs)

-Paleo Diet, eating like a caveman

-Non dairy & Gluten free diet

-Small meals diet to reduce the size of your guts (For guys with pregnant belly)

Example: If you eat 3 times a day, try to eat 5 times, but only 2/3 of what you usually eat for each meal. Doing so, you won’t ever expand your guts and your stomach and intestine will start shrinking.


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