Wrist Wraps (heavy-duty)

Wrist Wraps (heavy-duty)

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Our heavy-duty Wrist Wraps will protect your wrists joints from the pressure of the weights during your workout.

People often get tendinitis or sharp pain in their wrist because of repetitive pushing movements (push-ups, bench press, ...) and their wrists take on unnecessary pressure.

The RAPIDE Wrist Wraps are here to offer you the support that you need to prevent over extension of your wrists and ultimately lift heavier!

Important features:

🔶 18" long (45cm).

🔶 Elastic and tight at the same time to give perfect support and protection to your wrist while lifting heavy weights.

🔶 Loop to pass your thumb and keep the wrap in place while tightening it up.

🔶 Velcro scratch to adjust the wrap and ensure secure hold around your wrist.

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