Jump Rope (super fast ball bearings)

Jump Rope (super fast ball bearings)

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You'll also receive for FREE 6 workouts to do with your RAPIDE Jump Rope and the instructions of use in case you are a beginner!!

Our RAPIDE Jump Rope has been designed for CrossFit competition. Double-unders and even Triple-Unders (see video above) are very easy to perform thanks to the super fast quality of the ball bearings.

This Jump Rope will help you increase your cardio, calves tonicity, and ultimately achieve your weight loss goals.

After testing our Jump Rope on a panel of 50 people, the athletes were able to do on average 10-15% more jumps per minute than with a traditional jump rope.

Important features:

🔶 Available in 5 colors (Black, Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue)

🔶 Super-fast ball bearings

🔶 Adjustable cable for every size

🔶 Ergonomic handles

🔶 2 different cables (2.5mm & 3.5mm)

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