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RAPIDE Sprint Squat Shorts

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These RAPIDE sprint squat shorts have been specifically designed to give you a great range of motion while keeping a tight and aerodynamic cut!

All athletes from every sport enjoy the freedom and comfort of our shorts.

Important features:

🔶 Resistant and Elastic fabric for a maximum quality and comfort (85% Polyester, 15% spandex).

🔶 There is a 2.5" cut on the bottom of each leg & an extra 2.5" layer on the inside part of the shorts to give maximum freedom and range of motion without blocking the knees in your squats or sprints like most shorts do.

🔶 Zipper pocket on the left leg, standard right leg pocket.

🔶 Zipper pocket located on the rear of the shorts. Perfect to keep your keys and your cash secure when you go for a run.

🔶 Tight and flexible design for peak performance.

🔶 Elastic band with lace integrated to keep your shorts in place and prevent it from falling down.

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