Interview for NY Elite Magazine: Weight loss and muscle gain advice from Alexandre Folacci


When it comes to finding the perfect trainer, Alex Folacci can motivate you inside and out. He is attentive, passionate about his job and keeps you on your toes. Alex is New York City’s most popular instructor and an accomplished athlete. He knows what it takes to compete and succeed at the highest level. 

Alex is a 26 year old French Personal Trainer located in Manhattan. He moved to the United States in 2014, after winning the French national championships multiple times and representing France all around the world in one of the hardest sports, the Decathlon.

NY Elite: Do you have a specific approach for male clients who would like to gain muscle mass?

Alex Folacci: For a male client looking to gain muscle mass, I will put him on a powerlifting-bodybuilding training plan. I include in almost every workout 1 km or 1 mile run to improve the heart, the lungs, burn fat, and get warmed up for the session. I will also add some flexibility and mobility in order to keep a good range of motion on every exercises and keep the joints and muscles injury free. For the diet, upping protein intake with lots of white eggs, lean chicken, and protein shakes will help to increase muscle mass and to recover from training.

NY Elite: Which advice would you give to people looking to get fit?

Alex Folacci: You often hear trainers or "Fitness Experts" saying that to get fit it is 80% of diet and 20% of training. This isn’t true at all. The reality is that it depends on your genetics, which will have an impact on your muscle gain and muscle retention, and also on the way you digest and process the food inside of your body. You need to keep that in mind when finding what works for you.

The other factor that is often forgotten is the stress. If you have a lot of anxiety because of your stressful job, for example, you will produce cortisole and your body will automatically get swollen and heavier. To fight this “bad stress”, I advise to seek peaceful and relaxing activities such as massage, listening to music, taking a warm bath, and not stressing about the little things in life. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a “good stress” hormone called adrenaline and it’s released with high intensity workouts and when you get into “BEAST MODE”. If you manage to get control over your stress by diminishing the bad stress and using the good stress to perform at your max, you will be truly successful in everything you do. You need to also focus on building your skills and self confidence everyday, in order to maximize your potential in every situations.

NY Elite: If a customer comes to you seeking a weight loss, how do you develop a plan for him/her?

Alex Folacci: Someone looking to lose fat will have to primarily run. Running is the best fitness activity of them all. I will also include lots of abs and core training, and some high intensity light weightlifting, in order to get a good sweat and still strengthen the muscles. For example, if I get a male client weighing 200 lbs at 5”10, we would have to focus on burning 35 lbs of fat and building 12 lbs of muscles, in order to reach an aesthetic and athletic physique at 177 lbs. It would take a few months, but with the right training and the right motivation, it’s achievable by anyone.

I would like to add that one of the most important component for a successful fitness journey, is to have the right mindset. I often see people giving up when it's getting too hard, or slowing down their run because they don't want to fight against themselves. Be aware that the most improvement you will do in the gym is by pushing one more rep than you thought you could do, or by raising the speed on your treadmil and not slowing down even when you get in the red zone. Of course you have to keep it safe, but this is the mindset that I had when training for the Olympics and World Championships.



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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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